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In loving memory of
Scott W. Eiswert
January 8, 1977 - May 16, 2008

The friends and extended family of
Scott & Tracy Eiswert
and their three children
wish to offer our support and to share what we have to make these challenging times as gentle as possible.

Scot and his beautiful girls



Hello.   My name is Tracy and my husband Scott (E4) was in the Tennessee 278th Army National Guard.   He served in Iraq for 15 months and received numerous awards and medals for his service.  He was home on inactive status for nearly 1 1/2 years and then received word a week before his death that his unit was on alert to go back to Iraq.  I am sad to say that nearly a week after he was informed of this information he committed suicide on 05/16/08.   He had PTSD and was in counseling early on but had stopped counseling and medication due to his reports of it being ineffective.  Now, I am left with three girls to raise alone and the financial debt that he left behind.  Please, take your soldier's PTSD and/or depression SERIOUSLY!!!  Please, help them receive the counseling they need!!!! 
Please, be patient and take the time to talk to them about how they feel!!!
And most importantly talk to them about SUICIDE . . .

     What YOU can do to help Tracy   
      and her three children      
  • Financial donations accepted on this site - EVERY single dollar will go directly to Tracy and the girls to assist with their urgent needs
  • Volunteer time, materials, or labor to help prepare their home for sale
  • Assist in locating alternative and immediate rental housing and helping with the move
  • Call, write, visit with Tracy and the children
  • Arrange for activities, camp, classes for the children
  • Locate and explore community resources for the family
  • Provide healing services: massage, counseling, support
  • Reach out to other military families today, not tomorrow

Scott's obituary and rememberances from friends and family can be viewed at http://jeffersmortuary.com/,  When you go to the site, click on VISITATIONS, look for Scotty's name, then view the guestbook.

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Assistance for Tracy and her family is being coordinated by
Military Family Advocates who are part of MFSO
 If you have suggestions or ideas about
how to best support this family,
please contact Stacy at (573) 303-1203.
If you are aware of other military families in your area in a crisis situation, please contact the MFSO office for immediate assistance:
(617) 983-0710